Access Control

High end features and specifications time attendance and can be also functioning as access control with competitive price.

smart2K Bio-optical is an advanced verification/identification biometric terminal using optical sensor from Suprema, the No. 1 winning of worldwide Fingerprint Verification Competition 2004-with the state of art algorthim, which will tremendously increase the detection accuracy.

smart2K/web with built in ethernet port using TCP/IP Protocol. Its memory will accommodate large memory to store up to 40.0000 transaction records. With master slave communications methode and alumunium die-casting make smart2K/web is irresistable.

Basically, smart2K™web incorporated with semiconductor array sensor from Authentec™, the smart2K™bio is an advanced verification biometric terminal with state of the art Data Rich algoritmhm developed by Bioscript™ of Canada, which will tremendously increase the detection accuracy. All features of the smart2K™web is available in smart2K™bio. The detection time is under one second and its memory will accommodate 4000 finger templates which make it deal for attendance and Access Control purposes.

The Ridge Lock finger positioning guide will shorten the time for familiarization of the user in using the terminal. The included utility program for the smart2K™bio is the same web based utility program that runs for the smart2KTweb with added modules spesific to the biometric reader operation such as the finger template management module. A special self enrollment mode for remote set up is also available. The supervisor with validity option will simplify and add security in remote setup situation.

The CARDNETIC smart2K/V2Bio is a completely stand alone terminal incorporating an optical finger print sensor. A very compact and rugged terminal that may be optionally attached with magnetic, barcode or proximity card reader.

The smart2k/v2 is the enhanced version of its previous model, the version 1.06. With full operating battery back up that will last for four hours of operation when fully charged, the smart2k/v2 is very versatile, cost effiecient and reliable.

The smart2k/v2 will simultaneously supports 2 readers, internal as well as external, which also supports readers with Wiegand protocal. This feature makes this terminal very flexible in this implementation.
2 relays and 1 input port are provided for access control purposes. A serial RS 232 port can be configured to print online log data toa printer. ID Capturing may be configured to read any part of the ID with any length.
In installations wih more than 1 terminal, the smart2K/v2 may be set to operate in master / slave mode. This is when the terminal nearest to the computer is set to coomunicate wih the computer via its RS 232 port, the master and other terminals communicate via its RS 485 ports in slave mode with the master. This option will enable a network of terminals to be oerpated without adding RS 485 port to the computer.
ID Card reading direction will also be detected a s IN/ OUT information and are memorized inthe log data.
Encased in a strong metal casing the smart2K/v2 is very rugged an robutst fo rany harsh outdoor field conditions. The smart2K/v2 firmware resides in flash memory which will enable firmware upgrade to be done in the field.
Included with the terminal is a very user friendly and simple to use utility program for configuration , control, and data loading.
With all these hardware features and the bundled utility program the smart2K/v2 will be very effective, flexible , cost efficient and will have very short implementation time.

Bring the security and convinience of biometrics to your access control system with the HandKey CR. Using Recognition Systems, Inc's field proven hand geometry technology, the user's identity is verified by the unique size and shape of their hand, all in less than a second.

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