Hotel Lock System

An exclusive E-locks with multiple opening devices: stick tags, cards, watch wristbands, keychains. (Only cards available for now).

HT 28 powered by 4 standard Alkaline AA batteries that last for 1-2 years. It has two way communication and audit trail memory (records last 500 openings and printable) and also System Auditor (records the last 6000 operation in software).

HT 24 as one of our top Hotel Locking System has already instlled in more than 60 hotels (3-5) stars in Indonesia. HT 24 are all weather proof and anti vandalism (no infrared LEDS).

Safe Deposit Box (SDB) in-room Safes give your personnel and visitors the piece of mind that comes from knowing their personnel belongings and equipment are securely stored.

SENERCOM merge digital temperature control with passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensing, and HVAC (Heating Ventilation Conditioning) Setback strategies (temperature adjusment to energy efficient levels when a room is unoccupied) to create the latest energy management technology in the industry today.

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