Missile Flight Tools

Missile Flight Tool (MFT) is a high fidelity, missile flight and trajectory generation simulation built to calculate the performance of ballistic missiles of all types, from tactical short range missiles to ICBMs.


Missile Defense Analysis: Analyze missile threats and vulnerabilities. Create range contours and inverse range contours and show maps of contours in Analytical Graphics, Inc.'s Satellite Tool Kit® (STK®) software. Missile launch locations can be groups of fixed points, lines, or regions. MFT shows maximum range contours of the area that can be hit, or the area in which a missile could be based to hit a defined target region. Show the range contours on a globe or map using STK VO® software, or export shape files to Environmental System Research Institute Inc.'s ArcView®.

Integration with Analytical Graphics' STK® Software: Compute accurate trajectories and visualize them in STK® software. Create 3-D visuals including stills and movies of defense scenarios.


  • High-fidelity missile trajectory generation. MFT has detailed gravity, atmosphere, flight guidance and control, boost, and deployment maneuver models.
  • Analysis of all phases of missile flight, including boost, staging, post-boost vehicle and RV deployment, and re-entry.
  • Database of over 30 pre-defined strategic and theater missiles.
  • Draws range contours, inverse range contours.
  • Simulates missiles created with Missile Design Tool.


  • Leverages all STK® software and STK/PRO® software functionality: performs coverage and visibility analyses to other STKŪ objects such as satellites, other missiles in flight, aircraft, facilities, or ground vehicles. Creates plots, animations, still images, reports. Shows the missile flight in relation to other entities.
  • Highly accurate and validated by nearly 20 years of continuous use.
  • Can be used in unclassified and classified environments.
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