TollVision Toll Violation Enforcement System

The TollVision Toll Violation Enforcement System (TEVS) automatically identifies the license plates of vehicles traveling up to 100 mph in support of toll enforcement.


Our TollVision systems are installed throughout the United States, with one of our largest installations located in Illinois. This system includes over 180 lanes of license plate image capture, with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability to automatically process over 20,000 violations in an 8-hour period.


The TollVision system uses special camera technology to ensure accurate and reliable exposure of the license plate. The result is superior image quality that accommodates day-to-night and weather-related changes in ambient lighting. Exact Exposure self-adjusting camera technology is a radical improvement over other video enforcement camera systems.

Our OCR system utilizes industry-standard computers to digitize alpha and numeric characters from violation images of license plates. The system compares multiple images of the same violation to achieve high accuracy.

TEVS Controllers are industrial rack mount computers that stand up to the conditions found at toll plazas

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