Traffic Light

A versatile handheld, dual-color LED light. 17 LED's electronically rotate or illuminate constantly to show the presence of law enforcement, first responders, and roadway personnel up to a mile away at night. Can be belt worn, handheld, or mounted on a traffic cone (with optional traffic cone adapter). Available in 7 different color combinations for various applications. Other models include Infrared; for signaling and room illumination by SWAT and SRT teams, and Ultraviolet; for document authentication.


Three user selectable modes: 1st mode: dual flashing colors, 2nd & 3rd modes: each color is selected individually for "constant on". Operates continuously on a standard 9 volt alkaline battery for up to 24 hours . LED's have an expected life of more than 100,000 hours . High intensity LED's at the tip can be used when demanding the attention of individual drivers . Length: 7.9 inches long . Weight: 6.6 ounces . Visual indicator for low battery . High impact ABS case is water tight to 35 feet . the ICE Light floats with the LED section protruding out of the water . Includes: Lanyard, Belt Holster, 9V Alkaline Battery and Vehicle Mounting Kit . 2 year manufacturers warranty (USA only). Protected by US Design Patent No. D410,399

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