Vehicle Identification & Screening

This automatic under vehicle inspection system denies terrorists the ability to use their weapon of choice providing the first line of defense against foreign and domestic threats to our country and its citizen's security.

Our products are state-of-the-art, used to collect intelligence about the movement of vehicles based on data collected through the various Gatekeeper systems that can be analyzed to assist in the identification of potential terrorists and their activities.

The vehicle undercarriage inspection ramp is built around patent pending advanced digital optical technology that:

  • Captures two simultaneous images
  • Searches for and identifies foreign objects
  • Captures 'finger print' images of vehicles
  • System captures vehicle image, auto-detects any foreign objects and alerts security personnel

There are a host of other features which make this system unbeatable in vehicle detection. The vehicle undercarriage inspection ramp also comes with a scanner that is made of the strongest materials, enabling it to perform in harsh environments from 14F to 140F without a heating or cooling unit.

The scanner comes with an embedded front image camera or optional external vehicle view camera to include a license plate reader - making the identification of threatening vehicles even more advanced and reliable.

This system can be integrated into any number of access control technologies. These can include: barriers, claws, biometric systems, card readers, weigh-in-motion systems, etc.

By integrating the automatic under vehicle inspection system into other access control technologies guard forces are able to gain access to information about drivers, passengers and vehicles entering controlled facilities.

The Gatekeeper automatic under vehicle inspection system can be integrated with a number of technologies, such as: facial recognition, finger print reading, radio transponders, barriers and many other technologies.

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