X-ray Security

This system provides gamma ray images of intermodal cargo containers, semi trailers, and delivery vehicles. The modular and flexible portal is ideal for high traffic situations where lengthy inspection processes are impractical or undesirable, and is well suited for networked, integrated systems solutions incorporating driver identification analysis kiosks, vehicle OCR identification systems, weigh-in-motion scales, radiation portal monitors, and terminal operating systems


The system can perform in a variety of situations and environments ranging from empty container inspection at port terminals and other intermodal facilities to high resolution/high penetration applications to assist with manifest verification and the identification of contraband, radioactive materials, and other suspicious items. Modularity and the consistent use of proven components enable the system to be configured for almost any cargo inspection environment


Engineered to operate in small areas, the system can be deployed in conjunction with existing vehicle control points, such as weigh scales. As the vehicle leaves the checkpoint, the trailer passes through the scanning array. The system displays the contents of the container, while saving the image with a video snapshot of the container. This saved information is immediately available to enable prompt tracking of the container whenever the need arises. The Portal VACIS system has the capability to scan more than 120 containers per hour, and accommodates lane widths to 20 ft. (6.1 m) with scan coverage of 8 inches to 14 ft. 6 inches (0.2 m - 4.4 m) vertically.


The system's affordability allows a system to be deployed in every lane of a checkpoint, providing complete checkpoint coverage while maintaining high throughput. A leader in the industry, the system helps meet the challenge of helping to identify stolen goods or contraband, and provides fixed-installation, increased protection to port gates and roadways

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